Table 2 of Blanco-Marchite, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1390-1396.

Table 2. Clinical and phenotype features of patients with lattice or granular type I CD

Shown are the clinical features of eight patients from the family affected by lattice type I CD (CD1) and two patients from the family affected by granular type I CD (CD2). The two families presented bilateral autosomal dominant CD with documented occurrence over 4 generations. The corneal phenotypes assessed by slit lamp examination and the occurrence of keratoplasty and/or relapse of the CD are shown. The following abbreviations were used: visual acuity based on evaluation with a Snellen chart (VA), right eye (OD), left eye (OS), hand movements (hm), lattice type I corneal dystrophy (LICD), and granular type I corneal dystrophy (GICD). A plus (+) indicates the feature is present and a minus (-) that it is absent.

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