Figure 1 of Muller, Mol Vis 2007; 13:125-132.

Figure 1. γ-Crystallin protein alignment

Shown are the alignment of the canine CRYGB protein (175 amino acids), the canine CRYGC protein (174 amino acids), and the canine CRYGS protein (178 amino acids) derived from our sequenced cDNA with the known orthologous protein sequences. The sequences were derived from GenBank entries with the following accession numbers: NP_005201 (human CRYGB), NP_658906 (mouse CRYGB), NP_066269 (human CRYGC), NP_031801 (mouse CRYGC), NP_060011 (human CRYGS) and NP_034097 (mouse CRYGS). Residues identical to the dog are indicated by asterisks. The three exons are labeled by different colors. All exons included only complete triplets.

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