Table 2 of Wang, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1357-1362.

Table 2. Genes and loci with unidentified genes responsible for isolated inherited nuclear cataract

Eight genes and six loci have been reported to be involved in autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive inherited nuclear cataracts in many families with different origin. AD indicates autosomal dominant inherited catatact, AR indicates autosomal recessive inherited cataract.

    Locus         Gene      Inheritance            Phenotype             Origin     Reference
-------------   ---------   -----------   ---------------------------   ---------   ---------
1pter-p36.13                AD            Volkmann type                 Danish      [21]
1q21.1          GJA8        AD            Zonular pulverulent           English     [16]
                            AD            Zonular nuclear pulverulent   Pakistani   [17]
                            AD            Zonular pulverulent           Russian     [18]
                            AD            Nuclear                       Iranian     [19]
                            AD            Nuclear                       Chinese     [20]
2p12                        AD            Nuclear                       Pakistani   [26]
2q33-q35        CRYGC       AD            Zonular pulverulent           Unknown     [27]
                CRYGD       AD            Nuclear                       Chinese     [28]
13q11-q13       GJA3        AD            Zonular pulverulent           English     [29]
                            AD            Zonular pulverulent           Caucasian   [30]
                            AD            Nuclear pulverulent           Chinese     [31,32]
                            AD            Nuclear punctuate             Caucasian   [33]
                            AD            Nuclear                       Chinese     [20]
15q21-q22                   AD            Central pouch-like            Indian      [34]
17q11.1-q12     CRYBA1/A3   AD            Nuclear                       Chinese     [35]
19q13                       AR            Nuclear                       Pakistani   [12]
21q22.3         CRYAA       AD            Nuclear                       Caucasian   [36]
22q11.2-q12.2   CRYBB2      AD            Coppock-like                  Swiss       [37]
                            AD            Central nuclear               Indian      [38]
                CRYBB3      AR            Nuclear                       Pakistani   [4]
Xp22                        X-linked      Nuclear                       European    [39]

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