Figure 1 of Gonzalez-Huerta, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1333-1338.

Figure 1. Pedigree and haplotype analysis of the cataract

A four-generation pedigree, segregating autosomal dominant nuclear cataract and two microsatellite markers (D2S325 and D2S2382), are shown. Squares and circles symbolize males and females, respectively, and the blackened symbols denote affected patients. Disease haplotype was marker D2S325 of 166 bp long and marker D2S2382 of 316 bp long. Position of markers in physical order from 2p-tel is: D2S325 202.03 Mb, CRYG genes 202.76 Mb, and D2S2382 210.81 Mb. Open squares in red show the disease haplotype.

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