Figure 4 of Vasiliev, Mol Vis 2007; 13:114-124.

Figure 4. Analysis of the Hop gene and protein

The upstream genomic sequence of Hop and alignment of the Hop protein sequences from several species. A: About 6 kb of DNA sequence upstream of the Hop protein coding sequence, including the first intron (lower case, light blue letters), was annotated with potential transcription factor binding sites, as determined using the P-Match search tool. Settings for the search were adjusted to reveal only the most conservative matches (to minimize false positives). Because Nkx2.x factors regulate Hop expression in the heart and lung, we also show potential Nkx2.x binding sequences (in red), although these motifs were not detected by P-Match when set to minimize false positive matches. The transcription start site of the longest spliced form of Hop mRNA is marked by a vertical bar followed by an arrow. The initial methionine codon is shown in green. B: Alignment of the Hop protein sequences from several species. GenBank accession numbers are shown after each sequence. The chicken protein sequence obtained by conceptual translation of the cDNAs sequenced in this study was identical to that in GenBank. The partial rabbit sequence was determined using degenerate PCR primers, since this sequence was not determined previously.

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