Appendix 2 of Rizzolo, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1259-1273.

Appendix 2. Tables corresponding to the text figures and supplemental tables

This Excel file has two worksheets: "Tables for Figures 1-4, 7-16" and "Supplemental Tables". To access these data, click or select the words "Appendix 2". This will initiate the download of a compressed (zip) archive that contains the Excel file. This file should be uncompressed with an appropriate program (the particular program will depend on your operating system).

The worksheet "Tables for Figures" lists the Affymetrix ID, short name, gene title and statistical data for the corresponding text figure.

"Supplemental Tables" lists analogous information for "Transcription factors and Regulators" and "Signal Transduction". Copying these Affymetrix IDs into Affymetrix, Ensembl, or DAVID web utilities (individually or as a batch) will yield the latest annotations and links to many useful databases for more information.

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