Appendix 1 of Rizzolo, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1259-1273.

Appendix 1. Expression data and Cluster analysis

This Excel file has four worksheets: "Cluster Analysis", "All Expressed", "Not expressed", and "Stably Expressed". To access these data, click or select the words "Appendix 1". This will initiate the download of a compressed (zip) archive that contains the Excel file. This file should be uncompressed with an appropriate program (the particular program will depend on your operating system).

The worksheet "Cluster Analysis" includes cluster memberships of the statistically significant clusters and a graphic representation of each cluster. Copying these Affymetrix IDs into Affymetrix, Ensembl, or DAVID web utilities (individually or as a batch) will yield the latest annotations and links to many useful databases for more information. The DAVID and Affymetrix sites will allow you to perform GO clustering on any batch submission.

The worksheet "All Expressed" lists the mean values for each probeset that was detected. To find a gene of interest, type a keyword into the Ensembl or Affymetrix chick databases to find the Affymetrix ID number. Use that number to search this appendix.

The worksheet "Not Expressed" lists the probesets that were undetected.

The worksheet "Stably Expressed" lists a subset of probesets that were expressed, but not developmentally regulated.

P-statistics were determined by one-way ANOVA, as described in Methods.

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