Table 1 of Makhani, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1215-1225.

Table 1. Summary of ocular phenotypes in embryonic and adult Pax6+/lacZ/AP-2α+/- mouse eyes

Histological examination of eyes from all four genotypes revealed the following: (A, B) Wildtype and AP-2α+/- mouse eyes demonstrated a normal ocular phenotype in 100% of all eyes sectioned. (C) Embryonic Pax6+/lacZ mouse eyes demonstrated remnants of a lens stalk in 100% of all eyes sectioned. However, only 80% of all adult eyes demonstrated remnants of a lens stalk along with lens plaque formation. The remaining 20% exhibited a normal ocular phenotype. (D) At E15.5, 100% of the Pax6+/lacZ/AP-2α+/- eyes demonstrated a lens stalk phenotype. At E18.5, 92% of all eyes sectioned exhibited the lens stalk phenotype whereas the remaining 8% demonstrated corneal-lenticular adhesion without lens stalk formation. Similarly, 76% of adult Pax6+/lacZ/AP-2α+/- eyes demonstrated lens stalk and lens plaque formation, while the other 24% either resembled the single heterozygous Pax6+/lacZ eyes (16%) or the wild type eyes (8%).

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