Figure 1 of Maier, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1198-1202.

Figure 1. Active TGF-β2 levels in the aqueous humor

This figure illustrates active TGF-β2 prior to cataract surgery (group I, n= 38, average active TGF-β2 concentration 39.9±24.3 pg/ml) and prior to penetrating keratoplasty due to keratoconus (group II, n=15, average active TGF-β2 concentration 78.9±53.8 pg/ml) and various corneal diseases (group III, n=66, average active TGF-β2 concentration 31.5±37.7 pg/ml). The differences between group II and groups I and III were statistically significant (ANOVA, p<0.001). Box plot diagrams are given as median values of TGF-β2 levels: 25/75% percentiles (boxes), 10/90% percentiles (bars), and outliers (circles).

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