Table 1 of Mutti, Mol Vis 2007; 13:1012-1019.

Table 1. Markers analyzed in the current study

Coverage was intended to be at least 3 markers per gene. Markers on Chromosome 12 and chromosome 18 were previously reported [44]. SNPs were used at other myopia candidate loci for FGF2, PAX6, BDNF, COL2A1, and COL18A1. The PAX6 assays were selected from Hammond et al. [46]. The information presented in the "Chromosomal locus" column was obtained from the UCSC genome site.

                                            names in
    Gene       Chromosomal     Variant      previous
(chromosome)      locus         name       report [44]
------------   -----------   -----------   -----------
     12         12q21.31     D12S2076      GATA30F04
                12q23.1      D12S1051      GATA2401
                12q23.1      D12S2081      GATA7A02
                12q23.1      D12S393       GATA15A03
                12q23.1      D12S1059      GATA47G01
                12q23.1      D12S1041      ATA24F01
                12q23.2      D12S1030      GATA6H09
     18         18p11.32     D18S476       D18S476
                18p11.32     GATA178F11    GATA178F11
                18p11.31     D18S52        D18S52
                18p11.31     GATA185C06    GATA185C06
                18p11.31     GATA116D12    GATA116D12

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