Table 1 of Martinez-Navarrete, Mol Vis 2007; 13:949-961.

Table 1. Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

Recorded are the primary antibodies used in this study. The antibody column lists antigen and animal origin. The clone designation is given for monoclonal antibodies. The source column provides either the commercial company and antibody reference, or the investigator and affiliation. The last column specifies the dilution at which each antibody was used on retinal sections.

           Molecular marker                   Antibody                              Source                      dilution
---------------------------------------   -------------------   ---------------------------------------------   --------
α-Synuclein                               Goat polyclonal       Santa Cruz Biotechnology (Santa Cruz, CA),       1:100
Calbindin D-28K                           Mouse, clone CB-955   Sigma Chemical, C9848                            1:500
GABA                                      Rat polyclonal        D.V. Pow, University of Queensland (Brisbane,    1:300
Glycine                                   Rat polyclonal        D.V. Pow                                         1:300
Microtubule-associated protein-2 (MAP2)   Rabbit polyclonal     Chemicon, AB5622                                 1:500
Protein kinase C (PKC), α isoform         Mouse, clone MC5      Santa Cruz Biotechnology, sc-80                  1:100
Recoverin                                 Rabbit polyclonal     J.F. McGinnis, University of Oklahoma            1:5000
                                                                (Oklahoma City, OK)
Rhodopsin                                 Mouse, clone 4D2      R.S. Molday, University of British Columbia      1:100
                                                                (Vancouver, Canada)
S-cone opsin                              Mouse, clone JH455    J. Nathans, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine     1:500
                                                                (Baltimore, MD)
Synaptophysin                             Mouse, clone SY38     Chemicon, MAB5258                                1:500
Transducin, Gγ c subunit                  Rabbit polyclonal     Cytosignal (Irvine, CA), PAB-00801-G             1:500

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