Table 2 of Inagaki, Mol Vis 2006; 12:673-680.

Table 2.

Sequences of primary probes and Invader oligonucleotides used in assays. Three polymorphisms were detected among all participants. Genotyping of the polymorphisms was performed by the Invader assay using the probes listed.

 Polymorphism       change      Target      Probe     Probe            Sequence
---------------   ----------   ---------   -------   -------   -------------------------

ADRB1 Arg389Gly     C to G     Antisense   Wild      C probe   Flap1-CGACTGCTCTGCTG
                                           Mutant    G probe   Flap2-GGACTGCTCTGCTG
                                           Invader   Invader   CCCGACTTCCGCAAGGCCTTCCAGT

ADRB2 Arg16Gly      A to G     Sense       Wild      A probe   Flap1-TATTGGGTGCCAGCA
                                           Mutant    G probe   Flap2-CATTGGGTGCCAGC
                                           Invader   Invader   TCGTGGTCCGGCGCATGGCTTCA

ADRB2 Gln27Glu      C to G     Antisense   Wild      C probe   Flap1-CAAAGGGACGAGGTGT
                                           Mutant    G probe   Flap2-GAAAGGGACGAGGTGT
                                           Invader   Invader   GCCGGACCACGACGTCACGCAGT

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