Table 3 of Szabo, Mol Vis 2006; 12:597-605.

Table 3.

The table shows melting temperature ranges for screening the KERA gene by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis (TGGE). The melting temperature range of the investigated fragment was calculated with the POLAND software (second column). Polyacrylamide gels were prepared with 8 M urea, which decreases the Tm values by 16 °C, as shown in the third column. To experimentally determine the optimal temperature ranges, perpendicular TGGE analysis was perfomed (fourth column). In the table TGGE indicates temperature gradient gel electrophoresis; KERA indicates the keratocan gene; Tm indicates the melting temperature; R-GC indicates reverse primer with GC-clamp; and F-GC indicates the forward primer with GC-clamp.

                                Tm calculated by
                Tm calculated   POLAND software       Tm determined
                  by POLAND      using 8 M urea     by perpendicular
    Exons         software          (-16 °C)       gel electrophoresis
-------------   -------------   ----------------   -------------------
Exon 1.1 R-GC     44-74 °C          28-58 °C          30-38 °C
Exon 1.2 R-GC     62-76 °C          46-60 °C          44-52 °C
Exon 2.1 R-GC     58-81 °C          42-65 °C          37.6-45.8 °C
Exon 2.2 F-GC     40-80 °C          24-64 °C          40-48.4 °C
Exon 3 F-GC       64-80 °C          48-64 °C          40-48.4 °C

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