Table 1 of John-Aryankalayil, Mol Vis 2006; 12:55-64.

Table 1. Primers used for RT-PCR

The names, GenBank accession numbers, sequences, and product lengths for all gene-specific primers used in this study are listed. The entries in the "Primer sequence" column are for the forward (F) and reverse (R) strands.

                          accession                                  Product
       Name                number            Primer sequence          (bp)
-----------------------   ---------   ----------------------------   -------
Fibronectin               X02761      F: CATGTCTCTCTGCCAAGATCCATCT     390
                                      R: TTGTTCCTACAGTATTGCGGGCCAG

Lipocalin 2               BC033089    F: CTGGCAGGGAATGCAATTCTCAGAG     490
                                      R: TCTCCCAGCTCCCTCAATGGTGTTC

Macrophage inflammatory   Y13710      F: ACTTCTCTGCCTGCCCAGCATCATG     402
protein-4 (MIP-4)                     R: GACTCTTAGAAGAGGTGGCCTCCAG

GAPDH                     NM_002046   F: CCACCCATGGCAAATTCCATGGCA      600
                                      R: CCACCTGGACTGGACGGCAGATCT

Carbonic                  AK096880    F: CTTCAAATGAGGCTGCTGGATCTTG     340
Anhydrase                             R: AAACTGGTGCCCAATAGCTAGCCAT

Chloride intracellular    BC022305    F: GCAAACCACTGCAATCCTGAATGAC     361
channel 2 (CliC2)                     R: CATGAGGTGGTCATAGTTCTAGGCG

Ephrin-A1                 NM_004428   F: CAGCTGAATGACTACGTGGACATCA     390
                                      R: TGGGTCATCTGCTGCAAGTCTCTTC

Period 1 (Per1)           AF022991    F: CAAGAGCACAAACTCTCAGAGCCCA     550
                                      R: GATGGAGCAGTGGAACCATAGAAG

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