Figure 2 of John-Aryankalayil, Mol Vis 2006; 12:55-64.

Figure 2. Comparison of protein levels in pterygium to other tissues by western blot

A: Representative protein loading on SDS-PAGE (3-188 kDa) gels. Western blots show that the relative levels of fibronectin (B) and MIP-4 (C) are increased in pterygium (PT) compared to limbal epithelium (LE), central cornea epithelium (CCE), limbal nonepithelium (LNE), central cornea nonepithelium (CCNE), and normal conjunctiva (NC). Molecular weight standards (MW) and fibronectin and MIP-4 purified proteins (STD) were used to verify the relative mobility of the two proteins.

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