Table 9 of Medvedovic, Mol Vis 2006; 12:422-440.

Table 9.

Gene ontology (GO) categories of the gene cluster displaying a weak decrease in relative mRNA levels early during lens regeneration compared to intact control lens.

                     of genes                                                   False
                      in the                                                  discovery
 Main GO category    category                  Gene category                    rate
------------------   --------   -------------------------------------------   ---------
Biological Process      16      Macromolecule biosynthesis                     2.9E-03
                        17      Biosynthesis                                   5.3E-03
                        12      Protein biosynthesis                           6.1E-03
                         2      RNA elongation                                 2.8E-02
                         3      Purine ribonucleoside triphosphate             5.3E-02
                         3      Purine nucleoside triphosphate biosynthesis    5.3E-02
                         3      Ribonucleoside triphosphate biosynthesis       5.3E-02
                         7      Perception of abiotic stimulus                 5.3E-02
                         7      Sensory perception                             5.3E-02
                         3      Purine ribonucleoside triphosphate             5.3E-02
                         3      Ribonucleoside triphosphate metabolism         5.3E-02
                         3      Nucleoside triphosphate biosynthesis           5.3E-02
                         5      Perception of chemical substance               5.3E-02
                         5      Chemosensory perception                        5.3E-02
                         3      Purine nucleoside triphosphate metabolism      5.3E-02
                        14      G-protein coupled receptor protein             5.8E-02
                                signaling pathway
                         7      Perception of external stimulus                5.8E-02
                         3      Purine ribonucleotide biosynthesis             5.8E-02
                         3      Nucleoside triphosphate metabolism             5.8E-02
                         3      Purine nucleotide biosynthesis                 6.9E-02
                         3      Ribonucleotide biosynthesis                    7.1E-02
                         2      Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar            7.6E-02
                                phosphotransferase system
                         3      Purine ribonucleotide metabolism               7.6E-02
                         3      Purine nucleotide metabolism                   7.8E-02
                         3      Ribonucleotide metabolism                      7.8E-02
                         2      Oxidative phosphorylation                      8.7E-02
                         2      ATP biosynthesis                               9.8E-02
                         2      Nucleoside phosphate metabolism                9.8E-02

Cellular Component      10      Ribosome                                       2.0E-03
                        12      Ribonucleoprotein complex                      2.0E-03
                        14      Mitochondrion                                  1.2E-02
                         3      Small ribosomal subunit                        5.3E-02
                         2      Transport vesicle                              5.3E-02
                         3      Organellar ribosome                            5.8E-02
                         3      Mitochondrial ribosome                         5.8E-02
                         3      Mitochondrial matrix                           9.8E-02
                         2      Mitochondrial large ribosomal subunit          9.9E-02
                         2      Organellar large ribosomal subunit             9.9E-02

Molecular Function      10      Structural constituent of ribosome             1.1E-03
                        13      Structural molecule activity                   1.7E-02
                        10      RNA binding                                    2.2E-02
                         4      Hydrogen ion transporter activity              7.8E-02
                         4      Monovalent inorganic cation transporter        7.8E-02
                         2      Oxidoreductase activity, acting on heme        7.8E-02
                                group of donors, oxygen as acceptor
                         2      Cytochrome-c oxidase activity                  7.8E-02
                         2      Oxidoreductase activity, acting on heme        7.8E-02
                                group of donors
                         2      Heme-copper terminal oxidase activity          7.8E-02
                         2      DNA dependent ATPase activity                  8.1E-02
                         2      Damaged DNA binding                            9.7E-02

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