Table 11 of Medvedovic, Mol Vis 2006; 12:422-440.

Table 11.

Gene Ontology (GO) categories of the gene cluster displaying a strong uniform decrease in relative mRNA levels of regenerating lens compared to intact control lens.

                     of genes                                              False
                      in the                                             discovery
 Main GO category    category               Gene category                  rate
------------------   --------   --------------------------------------   ---------
Biological Process       7      Sensory organ development                 1.4E-09
                         7      Peripheral nervous system development     9.6E-09
                         5      Vision                                    9.0E-03
                         5      Perception of light                       1.1E-02
                         5      Response to light                         1.1E-02
                         5      Response to radiation                     1.4E-02
                         8      Neurogenesis                              1.5E-02
                         2      Mo-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthesis    1.6E-02
                         2      Mo-molybdopterin cofactor metabolism      1.6E-02
                         2      Pteridine and derivative biosynthesis     4.1E-02
                         2      Pteridine and derivative metabolism       4.8E-02
                         2      Aromatic compound biosynthesis            5.5E-02

Cellular Component      29      Cytoplasm                                 9.5E-02

Molecular Function       7      Structural constituent of eye lens        9.6E-09

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