Table 1 of Chung, Mol Vis 2006; 12:415-421.

Table 1. Experimental solutions

For each of the experimental solutions used in these experiments, the table lists the BAC content, other components, and the source (if purchased). Control and BAC (Sigma-Aldrich) solutions were prepared from tertiary distilled water (DW) or serum free media (SFM; Gibco-Invitrogen). Purchased solutions were all in sterile water for injection (WFI).

  Solution       BAC           Other                           Source
------------   -------   ------------------   ----------------------------------------

Control        0%        SFM
(for PCR, WB)

BAC media      0.01%     SFM

Control        0%        DW
(for TEM)

BAC solution   0.01%     DW

Ocuflox®       0.0025%   0.3% ofloxacin,      Samil Pharmaceutical, Seoul, Korea
eyedrops                 WFI

Ofloxacin      0%        0.3% ofloxacin,      Sigma-Aldrich
solution                 WFI

Alcaine®       0.01%     0.5% proparacaine,   S. A. Alcon-Couvreur Co., Puurs, Belgium
eyedrops                 WFI

Proparacaine   0%        0.5% proparacaine,   Sigma-Aldrich
solution                 WFI

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