Figure 2 of Kumar, Mol Vis 2006; 12:290-297.

Figure 2. Involvement of CB1 cannabinoid receptors in inhibition of trabecular meshwork cell migration caused by noladin ether treatment

Soluble fibronectin (Fn; 20 μg/ml) was added to the lower chamber to induce TM cell migration. Noladin ether (NE; 100 nM) alone, 100 nM NE plus one μM of SR141716A (SR1), one μM of SR1, 100 nM NE plus one μM of SR144528 (SR2), or one μM of SR2 alone were added to both the upper and the lower chamber. TM cells (1x105) were loaded to the upper chamber and cells migrating to the lower chamber were quantified by fluorescence readings three h later, as detailed in the Methods. Results are expressed as percent of vehicle response, which was cell migration when only vehicle (no fibronectin) was added. Data from four different experiments are presented. Error bars represent the SEM. Asterisks denote data is significantly different from the control (fibronectin alone; p<0.05; ANOVA with Neuman-Keuls post hoc test).

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