Figure 6 of Boatright, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1706-1714.

Figure 6. Effect of TUDCA on rd10 mouse retinal function

A: Representative ERG traces from two mice showing large a-waves for TUDCA-treated mice compared to vehicle-treated mice. B and C: Intensity response functions for dark-adapted a-wave (B) and b-wave (C) amplitudes of rd10 mice. TUDCA treatment (n=11; red) resulted in significantly greater amplitudes compared to vehicle treatment (n=12; blue) as tested by repeated measures ANOVA: F(9,369)=10.04, p<0.0001 for a-wave comparison (B) and F(9,369)=1.93, p=0.047 for b-wave comparison (C), indicating preservation of photoreceptor function. Values are mean±sem.

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