Table 1 of Zahir, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1606-1614.

Table 1. List of primary antibodies used for immunocytochemistry

The following primary antibodies were utilized for immunocytochemical analysis of late RPCs grown in the absence or presence of sorbitol.

Antibodies          Type             Specificity         Source     Dilution
----------   -----------------   -------------------   ----------   --------
CRALBP       Mouse monoclonal    RPE and Muller glia   ABR          1:1000

GFAP         Mouse monoclonal    Astrocytes and        Chemicon     1:400
             Rabbit polyclonal   Muller glia           Dako         1:3000

Ki67         Mouse monoclonal    Proliferating cells   Novocastra   1:100

nestin       Mouse monoclonal    Neural progenitors    DSHB         1:1

PKCα         Mouse monoclonal    Bipolar neurons       Santa Cruz   1:200

recoverin    Rabbit polyclonal   Rod photoreceptors    Chemicon     1:1000
                                 and midget cone
                                 bipolar neurons

vimentin     Mouse polyclonal    Astrocytes and        Sigma        1:200
             Goat polyclonal     Muller glia           Sigma        1:40

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