Figure 1 of Nickerson, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1565-1585.

Figure 1. Tetrapod IRBP gene structures

There is a common gene structure for IRBP among the mammals, birds, and amphibians with a large first exon encoding three full Repeats and parts of the fourth and final Repeat are spread among the first through fourth exons. The blue genes are previously published (human [66,67], mouse [48], cow [26], and chicken [51]), while the red genes are mined from data made available thorough the courtesy of several large-scale sequencing centers as identified in the Acknowledgments. A illustrates the gene structures of the mammals. The dog IRBP gene may have an extra Intron very near the 3' end of the gene, and this is in the 3' UTR. Among the orthologs, the positions of the introns in IRBP are constant, and the coding regions in each exon are the same. B shows the IRBP gene structures from non-mammalian tetrapods.

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