Figure 6 of Dvoriantchikova, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1417-1426.

Figure 6.

Western blot analysis of the membrane-bound Panx1 isoforms in the lens and nonlenticular tissues. All samples, except for "total lens homogenate" were water-insoluble proteins prepared from total homogenates by 7,000x g centrifugation and adjusted for total protein content. Samples 1-4 are from nonlenticular tissues and samples 5-8 are lens samples, including microdissected lens regions. Nonlenticular mouse tissues analyzed were as follows: 1, peripheral blood erythrocytes; 2, blood capillaries from tunica vasculosa lentis; 3, skeletal muscles; and 4, retina. The lenticular samples were: 5, total lens homogenate; 6, lens epithelium; 7, young elongating fibers; and 8, mature fibers. Lens and retina-specific 60/62 kDa and 120 kDa isoforms specific to the lens and the retina are marked by asterisks.

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