Table 5 of Pelzel, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1272-1282.

Table 5. Cone mRNA decreases in monkey retinas after glaucoma surgery

Fifteen animals used in a separate study were examined for opsin mRNA using in situ hybridization. Based on these results, the animals were segregated into two groups: those that showed no change in red/green (R/G) cone opsin between the control and experimental eyes and those that showed a decrease in cone opsin in the experimental eye. Statistical data collected for these animals were then evaluated for differences between the two groups. Animals showing a decrease had a greater change in Cup:Disc ratio from baseline (ΔC:D) and had been exposed to more cumulative intraocular pressure (cIOP) during the course of the surgical study, but these were not significantly greater than the "No Change" group. Animals showing decreased cone opsin mRNA levels were significantly more likely to have a greater peak ΔIOP (the difference in IOP of the experimental and control eyes) at some point within two-weeks prior to sacrifice, however. All data represent the mean±SEM.

Change of                               Mean maximum
R/G opsin                 Mean cIOP     ΔIOP (within
in exp eye   mean ΔC:D   (mmHgxDays)    2 weeks)
----------   ---------   ------------   ------------
No Change    0.25±0.33    2129±1792      12.67±3.86
Decrease     0.33±0.23    3134±1416      25.17±4.11
P value      0.30          0.12           0.02
(t test)

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