Table 4 of Pelzel, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1272-1282.

Table 4. Summary of the changes in Rod:Cone opsin ratios

The fold change in the rod to red/green (or blue) opsin ratio in trephined samples of retina taken from the macula, mid-periphery, or periphery was calculated. Comparisons were made between the left and right eyes of normal animals or experimental and control eyes of the glaucoma monkeys. The data shown are the mean (±SEM) of several animals examined in each region (the number of animals examined in each region is denoted in parentheses). RC=the ratio of rod to red/green (or blue) cone opsin in control retinas. RE=the ratio of rod to red/green (or blue) cone opsin in experimental retinas. Overall, monkeys with experimental glaucoma show a significant increase in the RE/RC for red/green cone opsins in the mid-peripheral retina relative to control monkeys (*p=0.046). Sample sizes for the macular region were too small to make a statistical comparison.

                 Normal     Glaucoma
                Animals     Animals
                (RC1/RC2)   (RE/RC)
-------------   ---------   --------

Macula           1.8        1.8±0.5
                 (1)          (3)

Mid-Periphery    0.9±0.7    4.2±0.9*
                 (2)          (5)

Periphery        1.8±0.9    2.0±0.5
                 (2)         (4)

Blue Opsin

Macula           1.7        26.7±3.4
                 (1)        (2)

Mid-Periphery    2.3±1.0    12.1±2.1
                  (2)        (4)

Periphery        2.1±0.6    0.9±0.3
                  (2)         (4)

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