Table 3 of Pelzel, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1272-1282.

Table 3. Mean values of rod:cone opsin mRNA ratios in control and experimental retinas

Rod, red/green, and blue opsins were measured in trephined samples of monkey retinas using qPCR. The ratio of rod:cone opsin ratios were then calculated for each region of each eye, and the mean ratio (±SEM) for all control eyes and experimental eyes were determined. The number of samples used to calculate the mean ratios is shown in parentheses. Results from two rhesus monkeys (two control eyes, two glaucoma eyes) were included in this data set. Ratios in the eyes with experimental glaucoma (RE) are generally higher than the ratios in the corresponding regions of control retinas (RC) as evidenced by the fold change between the two.

                     Macula        Mid-Periphery       Periphery
-------------   ---------------   ---------------   ---------------

Control (RC)    4.9±1.1 (6)       11.3±2.7 (9)      12.1±2.9 (8)

Experimental    8.3±3.0 (4)       32.7±16.2 (5)     21.0±5.0 (5)
Glaucoma (RE)

Fold Change        1.7                2.9               1.7


Control (RC)    1.9E6±8.9E5 (5)   4.1E6±1.6E6 (6)   1.7E6±6.0E5 (8)

Experimental    1.6E6±4.9E5 (5)   1.1E7±8.0E6 (4)   1.1E7±9.0E6 (4)
Glaucoma (RE)

Fold Change        0.8                2.7                6.5

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