Figure 2 of Lalonde, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1160-1166.

Figure 2. HVA Ca2+ channel current inhibition by WIN 55,212-2 in purified rat RGC cultures

A: Example of time course (peak inward current plotted against time) of the suppressive effect of 5 μM WIN 55,212-2 (WIN) on voltage-gated Ca2+ channel current. Horizontal bar indicates period of drug application. B: Examples of current traces recorded in response to a depolarizing step from a holding potential of -60 mV to 0 mV in control solution (solid line) and after superfusion of 5 mM WIN 55,212-2 (dotted line). Dashed line indicates zero current. C: Current-voltage (I-V) relations from the same isolated RGC in control conditions (white circles) and in the presence of 5 μM WIN 55,212-2 (black circles), showing the overall reduction in Ca2+ channel current.

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