Figure 3 of Sakamoto, Mol Vis 2006; 12:117-124.

Figure 3. Localization of Aanat mRNA

Aanat mRNA was localized in saline (A,C) or kainic acid (KA; B,D) treated retinas by in situ hybridization. Aanat transcripts were rhythmic in the outer nuclear layer (ONL) of KA-injected eyes. Rats were housed in a 12 h:12 h light-dark (LD) cycle and retinas were obtained at ZT 6 or 18. Aanat transcripts were detected using a fluorescein-labeled probe. A: Saline at ZT 18. B: KA at ZT 18. C: Saline at ZT 6. D: KA at ZT 6. Micrographs are representative of results obtained from at least three animals at each time. The scale bar represents 25 μm.

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