Figure 5 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2006; 12:937-948.

Figure 5. Nucleotide sequence and amino acid alignment of rat A3 adenosine receptor coding region

A: The nucleotide sequence and corresponding amino acid alignment of the rat A3 adenosine receptor coding region in our study, and compares the nucleotide alignment with other sequences. DQ075463 is the sequence of our material; X95249 is the first published A3 sequence [33]; M94152 is the sequence which is first identified as A3 receptor [32]; and X93219 is the sequence with a splice variant [34]. Differences with the other sequences are illustrated; conservative nucleotide differences between our sequence and all three other sequences are indicated by a black dot below the corresponding nucleotide. At position of 128, G in the was replaced by C, which resulted in the substitution of amino acid change from arginine to proline (indicated by "Δ"). The start of the splice variant is indicated by asterisk. Note that X59249 has a deletion of C at position of 218 and an insertion of G to put the sequence back in frame, and M94152 has an insertion of A at position of 858 and a deletion of T at position 883 (both indicated by a dashed underline). B: The amino acid sequences of all four variants are displayed along with the consensus sequence. Deviations from the consensus are highlighted in a box. The splice variant in X93219 begins after amino acid 119. Of the four sequences, DQ075463 most closely resembles the consensus sequence.

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