Figure 2 of Maeda, Mol Vis 2006; 12:885-891.

Figure 2. Immunoreactivity evalutation in anti-CTLA4 antibody treated mice

Immunological responces against R64 and anti-CTLA4 antibody were assessed. A: Cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity. Cytotoxicity of T cells from mice was assessed against R64-pulsed MethA cells, recoverin expression (-), and BALB/c derived sarcoma cells, at different effector and target ratios (E/T ratios). Error bars represent mean±standard deviation. Five mice per each group were employed (p<0.001 with ANOVA test). B: T cell proliferation assay. On day 35 after the first immunization, cells from lymph node drainage pooled from three mice were passed over nylon wool columns to enrich T cells, and proliferation was measured by [3H]-thymidine incorporation, as described in Methods. Five mice per each group were employed. There was no statistically significant difference between the anti-CTLA4 antibody treated group and untreated group. C: Humoral responses against recoverin. Immunoblot of recombinant mouse-recoverin probed with sera from immunized mice at 1:400 dilution. The measurements were carried out as described in Methods. Three independent experiments yielded similar results. There was no significant change between the groups.

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