Figure 1 of Beattie, Mol Vis 2005; 11:825-832.

Figure 1. Raman difference spectra of outer segments

Raman spectra of the outer segments of porcine retina were recorded using an excitation wavelength of 785 nm. Raman spectra (solid lines), acquired using 785 nm excitation of the photoreceptor inner segments (PIS), photoreceptor outer segments (POS) and outer nuclear layer (ONL) of porcine retina. Difference spectra (dashed lines) obtained by subtraction of the individual layer spectra highlight differences between the successive layers, as labeled. Guidelines in the difference spectra point to increases or decreases in the intensities of the features indicated. The other bands labeled are features that increase in ONL spectra compared to PIS spectra, as discussed in the Results section for 785 nm excitation.

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