Table 1 of Kirwan, Mol Vis 2005; 11:798-810.

Table 1. Applied Biosystems primer and probe assay identifiers (Assay-on-DemandTM)

This table lists the Applied Biosystems primer and probe identifier numbers and the Unigene ID for the target genes that were used for validation of the microarray analysis. Each identifer refers to a pre-developed assay reagent (PDAR) which contain the necessary PCR reagents including pre-designed forward and reverse primers for the target and control genes, pre-optimized in one solution for use with TaqManTM universal PCR master mix. PDARs were obtained from Applied Biosystems by supplying the retrieved GenBank FASTA mRNA sequence for each target gene.

                                      Primer &
       Gene           Unigene ID   probe assay ID
-------------------   ----------   --------------
Elastin               Hs.252418    Hs00355783_m1
BMP-7                 Hs.170195    Hs00233477_m1
VEGF                  Hs.73793     Hs00173626_m1
Biglycan              Hs.821       Hs00156076_m1
Thrombomodulin        Hs.2030      Hs00264920_s1
EMMPRIN               Hs.501293    Hs00174305_m1
Versican              Hs.43488     Hs00171642_m1
Collagen VI alpha I   Hs.415997    Hs00242448_m1
TGF-B2                Hs.169300    Hs00236092_m1

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