Table 14 of Cameron, Mol Vis 2005; 11:775-791.

Table 14. Gene group analysis of the 2 d and 14 d post-lesion retina

The table lists, for the 2 d and 14 d post-lesion conditions, gene groups and their respective individual gene components that are targets for transcriptional regulation. The genes within each category are listed by their GenBank accession number. Single, double, and triple asterisks indicate p<0.05, p<0.025, and p<0.0005, respectively.

Functional        Targeted categories 2 d               Targeted categories 14 d
  group                 post-lesion                           post-lesion
----------   ----------------------------------   ------------------------------------
Biology      Receptor guanylyl cyclase (n=6;      None
             -2.81**): NM_131864, NM_131870,
             BQ450488, AY050504, NM_131871,

Cellular     Nucleosome (n=3; 2.81**):            Synaptic vesicle (n=3; -2.68**):
             BC044152, BI671201, AW128285         BG738477, BI428090, BI670974

             Ribosome (n=6; 1.75*): AW342746,
             BM082845,  BM530200,BI672419,
             BM104392, BC049018

             Heterochromatin (n=3; -3.62***):
             BI841724, AL908814, AW116521

             Synaptic vesicle (n=3; -5.44***):
             BG738477, BI428090, BI670974

Molecular    Hexokinase (n=4; 4.21***):           Notch receptor ligand (n=5; 2.11**):
             BC045496, AI943001, BC048065         NM_131549, BI980847, AI601390,
                                                  U57974, AF334944

             RNA polymerase III (n=3; 3.62***):   cAMP-dependent kinase (n=6;
             BI882531, AA606218, BC048877         -5.00***): BM316517, BI845673,
                                                  BM005429, BM776533, BM777899,

                                                  RNA polymerase III (n=3; -3.01**):
                                                  BI882531, AA606218, BC048877

                                                  TNF receptor ligand (n=4; -2.10**):
                                                  BG303707, BQ450947, NM_131607,

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