Figure 6 of Acosta, Mol Vis 2005; 11:717-728.

Figure 6. ATPase activity during mouse retina development

A: Total ATPase progressively increased through development with no significant differences being present between control and rd/rd retinas. B,C: Similar tendency was evident for Mg2+/Ca2+ATPase activity (B) and Na+/K+ATPase activity (C). D: The Na+/K+ATPase and Mg2+/Ca2+ATPase in control and rd/rd retinas were compared with the activity of the adult. The plot shows that the relative proportion of Mg2+/Ca2+ATPase activity early in the development of the rd/rd mice was increased with respect to control values (red double arrows; p<0.001) and with respect to Na+/K+ATPase activity (blue double arrow; p<0.01).

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