Figure 5 of Acosta, Mol Vis 2005; 11:717-728.

Figure 5. Quantification of LDH isoenzymes during mouse retina development

A: LDH5 isoenzyme in control and rd/rd retinas accounted for 75% of the total activity of the retina at all ages, with a significant reduction on content observed in the rd/rd mice at P16 onwards (p<0.001). B: Percentage of LDH3 isoenzyme in control and rd/rd retinas was at all ages less than 10%. However, a significant reduction in LDH3 content was observed at the adult stage (asterisk; p<0.001). C: Representative images depict native gel electrophoresis of the isoenzyme distribution from which quantification was obtained. The direction of the protein migration is from anode (-) to cathode (+).

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