Figure 10 of Riveiro-Alvarez, Mol Vis 2005; 11:705-712.

Figure 10. Simplified pedigrees for Families 4 and 5

Simplified pedigrees from Family 4 (top) and Family 5 (bottom), respectively. Haplotype analysis with more microsatellite markers (Cen-DXS1003-NDP-DXS7-DXS8012-DXS1068-DXS8090-Tel) confirmed that Families 4 and 5 share the same haplotype (drawn in black). Individuals with no marker numbers were not available. There are markers in the families that deviate from segregation (Family 4, individual IV:1, marker DXS8090; Families 4, and 5, marker DXS1003). This analysis showed the inherited common piece of DNA (black haplotype) and also that proximal and distal markers were not linked.

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