Figure 4 of Delyfer, Mol Vis 2005; 11:688-696.

Figure 4. Effect of CNQX on rod survival in the rd1 retina

CNQX or physiological saline solution was injected daily intraperitoneally to rd1 mice from PN3 to PN21. After treatment, retinas were dissected, immunolabeled with Rho-4D2, an antibody that specifically recognized rod photoreceptors, and then flat-mounted. A: Views of CNQX-treated and saline-treated retinas immunolabeled with Rho-4D2 in an area surrounding the optic nerve head (same distance, same parameters). The greater numbers of surviving rod photoreceptors after CNQX treatment are apparent. The scale bars represent 25 μm. B: Results of quantification of immunolabeled rods on whole retinas using a stereological approach. Bars represent the mean (7 animals in each group); the error bars represent the standard error of the mean (an asterisk indicates p<0.05).

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