Figure 2 of Vasireddy, Mol Vis 2005; 11:665-676.

Figure 2. Immunoblot analysis of V5 tagged ELOVL4 fusion proteins

Western blot analysis of COS-7 cells expressing V5 tagged ELOVL4 was carried out using V5 antibody. Lysates of cells expressing GFP-Ewt (Lane 2), GFP-Emut (Lane 3), co-expressed GFP-Ewt and GFP-Emut (Lane 4), V5-Ewt (Lane 5), V5-Emut (Lane 6), co-expressed GFP-Ewt and V5-Emut (Lane 7), V5-ELOVL4-wt and GFP-Emut (Lane 8), and mock transfected cells (Lane 9) were immunobloted. Analysis of epitope tagged ELOVL4 protein expression demonstrated the presence of bands of the expected molecular weights. Lane 1 contained molecular weight markers.

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