Figure 5 of Karan, Mol Vis 2005; 11:657-664.

Figure 5. ELOVL4 mutants induce UPR response proteins, CHOP and Bip

Cell lysates were collected 24 h post-transfection with wild-type or mutant ELOVL4 constructs. A: Samples from left to right include: vector alone, mtELOVL4(5A), mtELOVL4(5bp-del), and mtELOVL4(270X). B: CHOP protein levels were induced by transfection of all ELOVL4 mutants, but not by overexpression of the wildtype ELOVL4 protein. C: Bip protein levels were similarly upregulated with mutant ELOVL4 expression. D: β-actin used as a loading control. E: Tunicamycin control experiment showed CHOP upregulation. Lane 1: Untreated. Lane 2: Tunicamycin treated (10 mg/ml). Lane 3: Tunicamycin treated (20 mg/ml).

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