Figure 4 of Gorbatyuk, Mol Vis 2005; 11:648-656.

Figure 4. Treatment of mice with AAV2-Rz397 reduces ERG b-wave amplitudes

Groups of six mice were injected at P6 (RHO+/-) with AAV2-Rz397 in the right eye and not injected in the left eye (A), or received injections with virus expressing active Rz397 in the right eye and virus expressing inactive Rz397 in the left eye (B). Simultaneous full-field ERG responses were measured two months after injection. Control eyes (red bars) are compared with experimental eyes (in white). A significant difference (53%; p<0.0004) was observed in RHO+/- animals injected in the right eyes with Rz397 compared to untreated left eyes. A control group of six animals that was injected with saline solution in right eyes did not show a significant reduction relative to untreated eyes (data not shown). A significant difference in b-wave response (60%; p<0.037) was also observed in eyes treated with active Rz397 relative to an inactive ribozyme with the same hybridizing "arms" suggesting that reduction in ERG response required cleavage of the rhodopsin mRNA. Error bars represent standard error of the mean.

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