Figure 7 of Scheef, Mol Vis 2005; 11:613-624.

Figure 7. Expression of extracellular matrix proteins and migration of retinal astrocytes

A: Fibronectin, TSP1, TSP2, and tenascin-C expression of wild-type and TSP1-/- RAC were examined by western blot analysis of conditioned medium and cell lysates. Note expression of TSP1 in wild-type cells. The same blot was stripped and reprobed with anti-fibronectin, TSP2, and tenascin-C. Note similar expression of fibronectin in these cells. The level of secreted TSP2 was increased while that of tenascin-C was decreased in TSP1-/- RAC. The molecular weights of TSP1, TSP2, FN, and TN-C in monomeric form are about 180 kDa, about 180 kDa, 220 kDa, and 240 kDa, respectively. B: Cell migration was determined by scratch wounding of the RAC monolayers and wound closure was monitored by still photography at indicated times. These cells exhibited a similar rate of migration and wound closure. These experiments were repeated three times with similar results. The scale bar represents 40 μm.

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