Figure 5 of Scheef, Mol Vis 2005; 11:613-624.

Figure 5. Expression of vimentin and Pax2 in retinal astrocyte cultures

Expression of vimentin and Pax2 in wild-type (A,C) and TSP1-/- (B,D) RAC were determined by indirect immunofluorescence analysis. RAC were plated on glass cover slips coated with fibronectin and stained with antibodies to vimentin (A,B) or Pax2 (C,D) as described in Methods. Note similar expression of vimentin and Pax2 in these cells. Vimentin was expressed throughout the cells, while Pax2 staining was nuclear. These experiments were repeated three times with similar results. The scale bar represents 40 μm.

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