Figure 2 of Scheef, Mol Vis 2005; 11:613-624.

Figure 2. Expression of astrocytic markers in retinal astrocytes in culture

Mouse RAC prepared from wild-type (A,C,E,G) and TSP1-/- (B,D,F,H) knockout mice were examined for expression of GFAP and NG2 at permissive (33 °C; A,B,E,F) or nonpermissive (37 °C without interferon-γ; C,D,G,H) by FACS analysis. The shaded areas show staining in the absence of primary antibody. Note similar expression of NG2 and GFAP in these cells under permissive growth conditions. However, only NG2 expression was lost when cells were grown under nonpermissive conditions. These experiments were performed at least three times with similar results.

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