Figure 6 of Cenedella, Mol Vis 2005; 11:594-602.

Figure 6. Effect of treatment with simvastatin on lens concentrations of ubiquinones

Twenty day old Sprague-Dawley (SD) and Chbb:Thom (CT) rats were given 200 mg of simvastatin/kg body weight per day for 16 days by gavage or were untreated. CON represents the untreated controls and SIM represents simvastatin treated. SD control and treated groups each consisted of 5 pools of whole lenses, 4 lenses/pool. The CT control group consisted of 5 pools of 4 lenses/pool. The CT treated group contained 4 pools of 4 lenses/pool. Values in parentheses are mean percent Ub-10±SEM; the remainder was Ub-9. The asterisk indicates that the difference (decrease) in the total concentration of ubiquinones in the lens of control and treated rats (Sprague Dawley and Chbb:Thom data pooled) was statistically significant to the P(t) level of 0.039 as measured by the Students t test (two tailed).

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