Figure 3 of Kyselova, Mol Vis 2005; 11:56-65.

Figure 3. Protein bound free carbonyls and sulfhydryls in lenses of STZ-diabetic rats

Protein bound free carbonyl (A) and sulfhydryl (B) in total homogenates of diabetic rat eye lenses at the end of week 18. The experimental groups are: control rats on standard diet (C; white); untreated diabetic rats (D; red); diabetic rats treated with stobadine (0.05% w/w stobadine dipalmitate; D+STB; blue); diabetic rats treated with vitamin E (0.1% w/w D,L-alpha-tocopheryl acetate; D+E; green); diabetic rats treated with t-butyl hydroxytoluene (0.4% w/w t-butyl hydroxytoluene; D+BHT; violet); and diabetic rats treated with a mixture of stobadine (0.05% w/w stobadine dipalmitate) and vitamin E (0.1% w/w D,L-alpha-tocopheryl acetate; D+STB+E; orange). Statistical analysis of the data was done using Student's t-test. A single asterisk indicates a p<0.05 and a triple asterisk indicates a p<0.001 compared to control rats on standard diet (C). A double asterisk indicates a p<0.05 compared to untreated diabetic rats (D). Bars represent means; error bars represent the SEM.

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