Figure 1 of Cailleau, Mol Vis 2005; 11:472-481.

Figure 1. Development of mRNA levels for melatonin-synthesizing enzymes and phototransduction proteins

Total RNA (15 μg) was extracted from 10 to 30 neural retinas at the indicated developmental stages and analyzed on northern blots with the indicated 32P-labeled cDNA probes. A 32P-labeled 18S rRNA oligonucleotide was used to verify equal RNA loading in the different lanes. A: After analysis on a broad time scale, the successive appearances of visinin, α-transducin, HIOMT, and AANAT mRNAs are illustrated. For clarity, the detection of all opsin mRNAs is summarized by (-) or (+). The results are representative of two independent experiments analyzed on four northern blots. B: Analysis on a higher resolution time scale allows a closer comparison of the different timing of gene activation for the melatonin-synthesizing enzymes and for the five opsins. The results are representative of one experiment analyzed on two northern blots.

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