Table 2 of Ishikawa, Mol Vis 2005; 11:431-437.

Table 2. Sequences of primary probes and Invader oligonucleotides

Nine polymorphisms were detected among all participants. These polymorphisms are listed at GeneCanvas. Genotyping of the polymorphisms was performed by the Invader® assay using the probes listed below.

Polymorphism    Location   changes   Target    Probe                      Sequence
-------------   --------   -------   ------   -------   --------------------------------------------
EDN1/T-1370G    5'         T/G       Anti-    T         Flap1-TTGGTGGAGAACAAACAA
                flanking             sense    G         Flap2-GTGGTGGAGAACAAACA
                region                        Invader   GGTCTTACTGGGCCACTGTGAGCGCTC

EDN1/+138/ex1   Exon 1     del/ins   Sense    A del     Flap1-TAACGGGGAGAAAAGG
del/ins                                       A ins     Flap2-TTAACGGGGAGAAAAGG
                                              Invader   GCGATCCTTCAGCCCAAGTGCCCTTC

EDN1/G8002A     Intron 4   G/A       Anti-    G         Flap1-GAAAATCATTTTGGGGAGC
                                     sense    A         Flap2-AAAAATCATTTTGGGGAGC
                                              Invader   TGCCTCTCTGAGTCAATGTATTTACCACTTTCCCTGAGAAATCT

EDN1/K198N      Exon 5     G/T       Sense    G         Flap1-CTTGCCTTTCAGCTTGG
                                              T         Flap2-ATTGCCTTTCAGCTTGG
                                              Invader   GTTGTGGGTCACATAACGCTCTCTGGAGGGT

EDNRA/G-231A    Exon 1     G/A       Sense    G         Flap1-CTCCTGGGCACTGC
                                              A         Flap2-TTCCTGGGCACTGC
                                              Invader   CTGCACAGCTTCCCCGGCTTCAGAAAACA

EDNRA/H323H     Exon 6     T/C       Anti-    T         Flap1-TTTAAGCCGTATATTGAAGAAAA
                                     sense    C         Flap2-CTTAAGCCGTATATTGAAGAAAA
                                              Invader   CTTGGTTGTAATTTTTGCTCTTTGCTGGTTCCCTCTTCAA

EDNRA/C+70G     Exon 8     C/G       Sense    C         Flap1-GTCACAGTTGCCTTGT
                                              G         Flap2-CTCACAGTTGCCTTGT
                                              Invader   GGAAGAAGGATCAGAGAAGAGATTCCCGGAT

EDNRA/C+1222T   Exon 8     C/T       Anti-    C         Flap1-CTTGGGGTTTTCAGTATGA
                                     sense    T         Flap2-TTTGGGGTTTTCAGTATGA
                                              Invader   CCCACAAATGCCACCAGAACTTAACGATTCTTCACTTA

EDNRB/L277L     Exon 4     A/G       Anti-    A         Flap1-ATTCAGTTTCTATTTCTGCTTG
                                     sense    G         Flap2-GTTCAGTTTCTATTTCTGCTTG
                                              Invader   CTCATCCCTATAGTTTTACAAGACAGCAAAAGATTGGTGGCTT

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