Table 3 of Hollborn, Mol Vis 2005; 11:397-413.

Table 3. Genes not detectable in PVR retinas

Genes that were expressed in postmortem control retinas but were classified as absent in retinas from patients with PVR. Two retinas of patients with PVR were investigated, and the magnitude of change was estimated by using the mean value of 7 control postmortem retinas. Each mean value from the PVR retina was non-zero, but was so low that it could not be classified as expressed in the PVR retinas.

                                                     Fold change in
    Accession                                      -------------------
     number             Gene description           Retina 1   Retina 2
    ---------   --------------------------------   --------   --------

Extracellular secretory proteins
    U81234      chemokine a 3 (CKA-3)               -26.24     -25.73
    X00948      Relaxin2 (RLN2)                     -37.26      -6.93

Membrane protein
    L27745      calcium channel, voltage            -61.82     -18.98
                  dependent (CACNA1E)

Cytosolic Transport protein
    U74324      guanine nucleotide exchange          -8.11     -20.49
                  factor mss4 (RABIF)

Mitochondrial protein
    AF025794    methionine synthase reductase       -28.32      -5.19

Nuclear protein
    AF027150    survival of motor neuron protein    -33.21     -11.32
                  interacting protein 1 (SIP1)

    AB023140    synovial sarcoma, X breakpoint       -5.63      -7.32
                  2 interacting protein (SSX2IP)
    D87682      KIAA0241                            -16.78      -6.55

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