Figure 5 of Chidlow, Mol Vis 2005; 11:387-396.

Figure 5. Effect of intravitreal injection of BDNF on ONT induced changes in the levels of various retinal mRNAs

The effect of intravitreal injection of BDNF (5 μg) on the ONT induced changes of NF-L and Thy-1 (A), FGF-2 and CNTF (B), and NGF and GFAP (C) mRNAs in the rat retina after 7 days. In each case, values (bars represent means, error bars represent SEM) are normalized for GAPDH and expressed as the percentage change in ONT retina relative to the control retina (n=8). An asterisk (*) denotes p<0.01 and double asterisks (**) denote p<0.001 using Student's unpaired t-test (BDNF group compared to vehicle group).

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