Figure 1 of Reiners, Mol Vis 2005; 11:347-355.

Figure 1. Pcdh15 cytoplasmic tail binds to harmonin PDZ2

A: His tagged harmonin a1 was incubated with immobilized GST-Pcdh15 tail, GST-Cdh23 tail, Pcdh15δC, or GST alone. Anti-His immunoblotting revealed recovery of harmonin a1 with the cytoplasmic tails of Cdh23 and Pcdh15, but not with GST alone (arrow). B: His tagged Pcdh15 tail was assayed with each of the immobilized GST tagged PDZ domains of harmonin and GST protein alone and analyzed by anti-His immunoblotting. Binding of the Pcdh15 tail (about 13 kDa, lane 1) is restricted to the PDZ2 domain of harmonin (arrow).

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